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To provide employers comprehensive hiring risk mitigation programs including background checks, substance abuse screening in a consultative, compliant and cost-effective manner, AK Placements has tied up with American Multinational Organization.

Our Clients’ industries include healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, government, high tech, construction, finance, entertainment, gaming, hospitality, education, non-profit, transportation, food service, energy and more. A-Check customizes programs to fit specific industry and client requirements.


1. Education/ Professional Qualification :

Verifying the authenticity of candidates’ educational and/or professional qualifications starting from SSC level either through official channels at the educational/professional institution or through A-Check Global’s proprietary database.


2. Employment Verification :

Verifying the veracity of past employment record only with HR OR Verifying the veracity of past employment record with HR and the Reporting Manager


3. Professional References :

Telephonic verification of candidates’ personal integrity, educational and professional background from the professional references provided by the candidate.


4. Address Verification (Site Visit) :

Verification of candidate’s residential address – via physical site visit(Permanent / Current / Previous address)


5. Identity Verification :

Verification of the PAN Card with the PAN Card issuing authority/ Verification of passports with Machine Readable Zone(MRZ)


6. Criminal Record Verification (Through the Local Police authorities) :

Verification of candidate’s undisclosed criminal history (if any) in the jurisdiction where the candidate currently resides/has resided through the Commissioner’s office or Special branch or local Police Station having jurisdiction over the location of the candidate’s given address.


7. Criminal Record Verification (Through search of Court Records) :

Verification of existence/non-existence of a candidate’s criminal history by searching criminal and civil court records.


8. Database Check – India & Global :

A comprehensive search which covers more than 30 proprietary/paid database including Criminal, Credit, Regulatory, Web and Media searches.


InstAcheck – Substance Abuse Screening Service :-

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Substance abuse testing programs keep your organization better protected from the negative effects
of workplace drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Offers InstAcheck with Insta Kit – A first of its kind solution for Indian Market.
  • Comprehensive 5 Panel and 10 Panel drug testing (*including Alcohol Test – >.02% b.a.c.)
  • Test results within 10 Minutes.



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